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tv   Headline News  RT  June 28, 2014 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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doesn't sound anything. to teach me creation why you should care about humans. this is why you should care only. washington launches its drones in the skies over baghdad as western diplomats try to persuade kurds from in parts of iraq and. vices. a truce is extended in eastern ukraine with both the military and self-defense fighters falling to cease fire for the next three days. us city of detroit close to a humanitarian crisis with the u.n. accusing local authorities of human rights violations for cutting off water supplies to the poor. and also to come this hour as nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen has to leave his post we report on the shady deals which allowed him to get the job in the first place.
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you're watching from around the world welcome to moscow on to r.t. international i'm you know neal it's been confirmed that armed american drones are patrolling the earth space sylvia rocky capital while the country fights an army of jihad the said dancing from the north a u.s. official said the drones primary task is to defend american diplomats u.s. secretary of state john kerry is also asking the courage to stand by baghdad but they've already tell you to look at oil centers in the city of kirkuk and kurdish authorities are not planning to hold a referendum on independence and looks at the prospects for a rocky. conflict. less than two kilometers away a stronghold of these lawmakers state in iraq and syria fighters from isis or
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as they're called in arabic have taken over the neighboring village these kurdish soldiers known as the peshmerga all are the only defense that's keeping the insurgents from marching north. so this whole area. isis fighters with snipers in the militant offensive sweeping across a rock is redrawing the country's borders but so too are the kurds as a rocky forces crumbled in the wake of that the harvest onslaught kurdish soldiers moved in to fill the void nearly doubling their territory in the process in just a matter of hours the kurds seized militarily what they failed to secure politically for decades the oil rich province of cure cooled and its main city spofforth of course. being the coach.
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because a group in the other side there's no on the other groups but of course the peshmerga which three a year ago i couldn't really walk around here without the help of an armed escort it was just too dangerous there are suicide bombings frequent clashes between rival groups but controlling care coolpix the kurds hope to prove that they can do a better job than the central government maybe safer so far but with neighbors like isis it's unclear for how long. it didn't take long that evening we witnessed care cooke's temporary or spike from violence shattered a suicide bomber tried to enter a market in a kurdish part of town at least six people killed dozens wounded the kurds may seem as though when there's been this. some of them are living the euphoria of pretty much total tree but more tentative and more people. more problems if it wasn't planned. already divisions are emerging minority arab
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and turkmen residents are worried about their rights in the new kirkuk kurdish authorities promised a referendum but in a worrying sign of what could be ahead the turkmen are taking matters into their own hands for an m r we don't trust any government or any group to protect us so we're taking all means to defend ourselves lucy caffein of kirkuk iraq former pentagon analysis michael maloof sees the kurds are going to use the instability in iraq to snatch as much authority as they can. the kurds see a golden opportunity to basically declare their independence they've already announced that they're going to have a referendum they do have a choice they can either do that or. do what. kerry wants and work with the government in baghdad i think that while they listen politely to to
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secretary kerry i think they have their own interests in mind and unless something miraculous happens in the parliament without moloch you stand on board i think this split enough iraq is going to be inevitable the only thing that is working in anybody's favor is that isis has the has a military capability but the question is will they be able to govern all that territory they're taking over and already they're fighting from within some of the units and some of the other islamist groups and even x. about this that they that join them temporarily to take the territory over but now there's actually been gunfire and and opposition each will want their own little chunk in each little piece it's a mess. we are closely following events in iraq and we'll update you as the situation there develops you can also log on to our website our team dot com for more information including analysis an expert of.
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the shaky truce in east ukraine has been extended with both the army and government fighters promising to recognize that this cease fire which has been in place for a week is part of attempts to bring peace to the region people there are exhausted from artillery attacks that have forced tens of thousands to flee. we're going to put the bullet. do you think you're going to. experience in your very eyes in the bush do you. really are you with the border you know my day in the shade you know should put the kids and i should the national pride he gives them to give in to another team that can use them with the little facade that i'm so they had to my all that i was ready to start was that it just would show that you would always would like to stick on usenet you do more here than will to survive if i get the. let's get more nod from cost of on the expectations from the new cease fire. president develop what i shall call extended
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the ceasefire by another seventy two hours and this was confirmed by and to government forces as well but i shall go added that the slightest violation of the cease fire this time around if people start building barricades then he will recall this truce now dialogue and comes consultations can see you between both sides as they are searching for an adequate compromise on all these efforts and initiatives are welcomed and supported by a russia and the european union unfortunately the initial week long cease fire was broken several times by both sides of the conflict ukrainian military continues shelling the east of the country a mother and her twenty six year old son had been killed after shelling near slavyansk a missile hit a residential building where they were and killed them instantly there and
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government forces attacked the crane and military posts positions as well still defense forces to control over a checkpoint controlled by the national guard and according to unverified information they crane in military later shelled that checkpoint killing twenty fighters all of the national guard but once again this information is yet to be verified now fleeing from the artillery attacks are tens of thousands of ukrainian refugees the u.n. estimates over one hundred thousand people have crossed the border with russia since the beginning of the conflict in the east but the u.s. has once again dotted those numbers saying the source is not credible. since the start of two thousand and fourteen one hundred and ten thousand ukrainians have arrived in russia we just have seen no evidence to support that we don't believe they're credible we're watching we just don't think that the hundreds of thousands number is credible we don't have anything to cooperate but this is the u.n.
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this isn't the russians this is the united nations and there's this is an agency that you guys give millions and millions of dollars to and they're now will be able we don't have anything to back up that number matt now this scene is from western ukraine where radicals from the ultra nationalist right sector group threaten to burn the local police headquarters the c.c.t.v. footage shows a crowd of mosque men entering some of them carrying tires and molotov cocktails they going burst into the office of the deputy chief demanding he quit within twenty four hours of the woodburn die in the building ukraine's interior ministry says one officer was severely beaten. moving on construction workers in qatar say their basic rights are being breached by security guards at one of the biggest building sites in the country's capital the latest episode of a hotel complex saw several people injured during a brawl with the guards who builders say we're not letting them take
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a scheduled break these are rare pictures to come out of qatar showing the situation guards allegedly struck the workers with steel rods to prevent them from leaving your diesel a german from the maker who was arrested by kotori police for exposing the country's poor working conditions believes this case is just a drop in the ocean. it was initiated by the workers not being allowed to take proper lunch break bear in mind we are in the middle of ramadan ramadan obviously has four islamic workers and there are quite a few of them on the right. meaning and i think it's really right now as these things come up more and more with higher frequency i think it's time to really face a possible rerun of the vote for the world cup in qatar that's something that you know comes into reality with all the human rights issues with all the corruption issues coming up on a daily basis right now i think this is what we're heading for possibly
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international human rights organizations have condemned the dire conditions for construction workers in qatar a number of times us the country prepares for the world cup in two thousand and twenty two according to reports more than more that one worker is dying each day in the attempt to build stadiums and infrastructure many don't get paid for months but are forced to stay as their documents are taken away by the companies that hire them still to come here in r t divide and rule the french government is pushing for a regional shake up but while some are unhappy with the immediate effect is there also are threats of the nation stepping up. death row prisoners in oklahoma sued the state to stop little injections but the authorities are reluctant to put the controversial executions on hold. activists are demanding the u.n.
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step in to help thousands of people left without water wherever those suffering are not in a remote african or asian village but in the u.s. city of detroit authorities are cutting water supplies to thousands of high so saying they're protecting the city's budget from on pay bills. un experts have called the actions a violation of human rights and close inspection reveals it's not just the hard up not paying their bills some corporations are tens of millions of dollars in the red as well but there's little pressure being put on them are making lopez has the details for us. it is one of the most essential elements of life. americans enjoy some of the cleanest and most abundant water in the world but what happens when the pipes are turned off and the tap runs dry how am i supposed to wash my child heilman i supposed to shower must fill in the largest american city to ever filed for bankruptcy residents are falling behind on their water bills
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now facing five billion dollars in bad debt the water department is taking drastic measures to plug holes and that means cutting water this is one of those houses that has had its water shut off and you can tell that because the detroit water and sewer department went ahead and painted on the porch that water cut time now they've been doing this more and more frequently to abandoned houses and they are they say going after abandoned houses first in order to kind of avoid it wasting water for houses that people simply don't live in however more often these days the houses facing shut off have residents living inside this is the detroit water brigade headquarters groups like the way fun and the detroit water brigade are working with residents to get them the water they need in the short term and the funding in the long term to sustain themselves we have donations the water that people have say we also have water filtration devices as well as aqua tablets
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so that people could you know access to clean drinking water these groups are now calling for help from the federal government and even the united nations to address what they describe as a humanitarian crisis nikita rally is one detroit resident who is afraid of the consequences of missing even a single payment if you tell someone i don't have water in my home that's the first strike you can get your children removed or you go to the war department if they help get my children back they don't care don't just think it's me and she isn't alone no you're shutting out all the water all the most votes. first which now raises a human rights question it raises a moral question what people do once the water is. out of the take their medicine if you see the shot of they make the formula for the baby however the water department argues we have the the burden of being heavy to be realistic a lot of the folks the activists for example don't have that they have what they feel are simple solutions. which really don't really hold water if anybody can come
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up with a way that we can make the detroit drinking water is good as it is right now for pennies on the dollar will point to listen unfortunately this is not the case leaving some residents salivating for a solution to this water crisis and others just plain thirsty reporting in detroit michigan meghan lopez r t one international water campaigner for the blue planet project a list on employment and poverty are fueling the crisis there are thousands of residents who have been cut who've been cut off from their water and sewerage services since march and what that means is that people basically don't have access to water in their homes we're talking about a city where forty percent of the people are living below the poverty line so many of these people cannot afford to be there to pay their bills and it is a violation of the human right to water and sanitation when people are being cut being forced to pay a very high rates for their water and sanitation services and when they're not able
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to meet those demands they are being cut off while the plight of thousands of detroit residents is also the focus of the mortons breaking the set coming up later today. you know that's coming up on plenty more news as well after a short break stay with us. i can only write. her. comments now i. want but if.
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i'm signing. we speak your language i mean some of the will not advance. news programs and documentaries in spanish more matters to you breaking news a little turn to angles stories. for you here. to try to all teach spanish find out more visit i to our. welcome back to the program nato chief moose and will soon leave his post just this
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questions are raised over exactly how he got the job back in two thousand and nine leaked documents posted on wiki leaks suggest that denmark agreed to start proceedings to close an international kurdish channel that had been broadcasting from copenhagen the took place in two thousand and nine at the time when rasmussen was prime minister of the country in exchange turkey reportedly promised to bach him for the position of nato second. general so why was turkey worried about these broadcasts will claims royce t.v. was a piece for the kurdistan workers party which fights for the rights of the kurdish minority and is considered a terrorist organization in turkey on the west of the channel started broadcasting in two thousand and four in two thousand and ten it was officially accused in denmark of promoting terrorist activities and earlier this year twenty four the channels license was finally revoked we spoke to the lawyer we have
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a special independent committee or ten of these should be dead bark which would issue the certificates to the turks the turkish government had at three different occasions complained to this committee and each time they concluded that the coverage of the fights the clashes the conflict between the p.k. k. the kurdish guerrillas and the turkish and security forces was just like the coverage you would fired at the big day the students television stations so we thought that also the courts would would respect the freedom of expression the freedom of press the freedom of information but it did occur now we asked nato to comment on the leaks about the deal to appoint revenues and we got no answer instead their press office referred us to the danish digital authority
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saying that courts there are fully independent who are very bjorn and quest questions that plane. there were some conflicts of political character between denmark and turkey joe biden states intervened because a light very broad stroke they describe it is to become the six attorney general and therefore they felt comfy with him as the secretary general there was a big pressure from u.s. sources for instance to think in a creative bad guy how to a diet and how to prove that russ elevation was promoting terrorism well and in the end until they died but what there was there within hours after that he died with it was announced that there wasn't between the turkish government and the other day two countries to decide the previous stage
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privatised as a second surgery. let's take a look now at what we've got on line for you german authorities that killed joy for football fans threatening to punish large cheering on advice any face painting we tell you why online. invasions section has some breath taking pictures waiting for you just like this it is a human tower in spain you're looking at made up of over one hundred people. death row inmates in oklahoma are protesting against the use of lethal injections to execute them they say it's akin to experiment on humans or a lawsuit filed against the state follows the bungled executions of oklahoma and make clayton lockett in april he died of a heart attack some forty minutes after being injected doctors had burst a vein in his body while administering a controversial cocktail of drugs now there was a similar incident back in january in ohio where an inmate was reportedly convulsions for around twenty five minutes in both cases concerns were raised about
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the doctor's use previously on tested drugs even though the investigation into both cases continues prior authorities our prison authorities excuse me are going ahead with the method three executions have been targeted in june so far the first since april in total three thousand prisoners and with the death penalty in u.s. jails human rights advocates are concerned the authorities are unwilling to take heat of past failures. every time one more state changes a protocol or changes the lethal drug cocktail in a sense we have the potential for human experimentation to be trying something on a human being that's never been tried before and that's being repeated in state after state here in the united states oklahoma has not done another execution yet now we've set some dates out several months into the future and that's exactly why these inmates have sued what they're basically saying is that we're not ready to do
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more executions on the other hand the status saying it thinks we will be ready within a couple of months and of course without the full findings there on what went wrong in clayton lockett sex a-q. should i think it's very hard for the state's argument to be taken seriously that we're ready to actually start more executions when we don't fully know what happened. time for some other news from abroad in the world is really fighter jets have launched air strikes in the gaza strip leaving two palestinians dead on critically wounding another one the men allegedly belong to the popular resistance committee an armed group accused of firing rockets into israeli territory the attack came as israeli troops continue a large scale search for three missing teenage boys believed to have been abducted by hamas. a group of tourists including seven children are missing after two days of heavy rain caused severe flooding and rushes to a region two thousand people are being evacuated from a town there the rain has now stopped on the water level is slowly returning to
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normal. venezuela's capital and several other cities have been hit by a temporary power blackout the instant disrupted subway services and coast traffic chaos the blackout was caused by an outage a power station in central venezuela which forced all their generators off line in march this year similar problems in the country's parkway left caracas without power for twelve hours. a blast in a suburb of egypt's capital cairo has killed a ten year old girl her parents who were injured have been taken to a nearby hospital preliminary reports suggest a remote controlled explosive device caused the explosion but no group has claimed responsibility earlier this week for homemade bombs went off on the cairo metro. in a bid to ease the bureaucratic burden and save money the french government is redrawing its inner borders to reduce the number of regions the plans have been met with
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anger with richer regions are unwilling to pay for their per neighbors but as a cost river reports they might have its own vested interest to. this is what it could look like it's once he'd see become fourteen eliminating bureaucracy and supposedly saving france fifteen billion euros this is francois lawns regional shake up plan for two thousand and fifteen or a copy of the decentralized regional model of germany according to the time if this reform gets the green light in the region of what we are now will merge with. the problem is that considered relatively rich its neighbor is a mining and still region in decline and people here don't want to end up paying for it so. they're talking about hypothetical economic advantages it's a booby trap the real goal of those who call the strings is that this integration of nation states the e.u. would deal directly with the regions. that are facing a dictatorship to impose
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a model which were friends would be to integrate a regionalized europe with the your atlantic bloc and a food hole which the world governance. period large claims these documents dated back to nine hundred ninety seven by the association of european border regions as well as the two thousand and see my regionalized of europe by the assembly of european regions is proof that the union has long been planning to regionalize the countries to gain more control. it will be part of something that does not even have a name for now and now there is a growing number of french politicians who are also speaking out against this regional shake up saying that sports and the countries identity at risk and opening the door to something which could not only reshape france but make it disappear maria costa of all reports and from france for artsy. stay with us for a look at some of the world's most cutting edge technology in just
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a few moments. some people say freedom isn't free and they're right in fact freedom may only cost the price of a bottle of water or an old t. shirt fans celebrating the recent victory of the l.a. kings noticed that they were not alone what was believed to be a police drone was flying over them filming them i thought of moral contempt for drones or just for the hell of it the crowd began to throw random objects at it until it was brought down i think this event makes two very big points firstly a lot of the surveillance state is not that hard to stop i mean there are satellite photos being taken of us all the time and n.s.a. spying on a communications but any camera or other device been throwing distance of a brick is at the mercy of us ninety nine percent and secondly generally if a crowd of people does something few ever get punished i mean if this drone was
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actually a police drone would they try to lock up the entire crowd for breaking it no they wouldn't and they couldn't for some reason if one person commits an act of civil disobedience they are in ford but if a crowd does that they generally get away with it so if you're going to defend your right to privacy from drones bring fifty guys with you and everything will work out just fine but that's just my opinion. i. don't think the united states planned for ousting in a college neither did russia i think fine for taking control of more of crimea and yet there we have a major crisis on our hands. do you think that is likely to be resolved in some sort of constructive way now because. this is the last change in borders that happens this way that i'm not saying will be forgotten but you know people the fun they do selves and the reality is if it turns out though the system first up of
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this is going to go on indefinitely. and threats of very existence between the states and we're kind of in a different game. alone wilkens technology updates is the end of all it's all but not so close in moscow but look at the pros the symbol hasn't been used everywhere so we sort of pop.


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